Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Off they go!

Early this afternoon, a three month project finally came to a close. Well, a year long project, if we start back at the very beginning. Either way, I was gifted with a concluding sense of success this early afternoon when I finally shipped over 100 pounds of school supplies to Mtanga Secondary School in Tanzania! 

Why the long wait? After I raised the money I needed during my July 21st fundraiser, I contacted my friends in Tanzania. Unfortunately, many Tanzanian systems are still in need of major developments, the postal service being one. The field director was very persistent in trying to open a PO Box for the organization, however the Post Office was out of registration forms, which are needed to open the box. It took a few weeks for the forms to come in, but alas, they did! My friend sent me her address right away, and finally I made it to my own local Post Office with three large boxes. 

Even as my project was down to its final minutes standing in the post office, I happened to strike up conversation with a wonderful woman waiting to meet with the postmaster. She was so intrigued with my cause she asked to take my picture and send it to the newspaper. This small, yet substantial run-in is just another reminder that these types of experiences never come to a close. There is ample opportunity in this world to inspire others through goodwill and determination. 

As I've mentioned a few times already, my Educakes fundraiser was an even bigger success than I had planned! Many people were curious as to what I would do with the extra money. Well, after so much stress, a spa day was really feeling deserved...... just kidding! I headed over to Five Below's Back-to-School sale and purchased 30 backpacks! Of course, I received a few expected crazy stares and a joke about needing a different bag for everyday of the month, however, I walked out of Five Below feeling excited for 30 Tanzanian students. 

My Tanzanian adventure will never fully come to a close, but I do feel as though this chapter is at a rest, which is why I've started researching for the next part of my life story. A new adventure is slightly in the works, and I'll post more later when details become concrete :) 

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