Four years ago, a professor asked me to write a paper answering the question, "What do you want to do with your degree?" Of course, I knew I wanted to teach, but being me, I couldn't hand in such an average response. Instead, my professor's questions sparked a new question in me, 
what can I do with my degree?

That's when I stumbled upon the WorldTeach organization, out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. WorldTeach helps connect interested volunteers with countries in need of enthusiastic educators. While the volunteers are highly rewarded with an adrenaline rushing, valuable experience, its purpose entirely hinges on the children around the world. WorldTeach establishes programs in locations across the globe in order to connect the volunteer teachers with communities and children in need of education. 

For me, I will be traveling to Tanzania, Africa for 9 weeks. During those two months, I will particpate in a one week orientation, which will help prepare me for an entirely new education system and lifestyle. I will then go on to immerse myself in an entirely foreign culture for the remainder of my visit. I will be a community member, a teacher, a student, a friend. 

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