Thursday, May 2, 2013

Full Circle

This post is a little later than I would have liked, but an essential one. Back in December, I had my students from Pennsylvania write to my future Tanzanian students. At that point, I was still blind as to what my timeline in Tanzania would be like. I had no idea whether I would even be able to deliver the letters let alone get a response from my Tanzanian students. However, I was ecstatic to find the time at the end of our program to have the students complete the task. Two months ago, I blogged about my Tanzanian students excitement about writing to American students.

Well, last week I was finally able to bring the lesson full circle. I delivered the American students their letters, making them equally as excited as the Tanzanian students were. Kids dwelled over their letters, reading them multiple times over. I've also noticed the letters and hand drawn pictures decorating the front of their binders and notebooks. Again, this lesson reminds me of the similarities between all children across the globe. I am blessed that I was able to give students in both America and Tanzania the tools and ability to reach out across the world and make a new friend.

While visiting my past students, I was able to share something else with them as well. When leaving them in December, they gifted me with a farewell video. In return, I created them a video about my time in Tanzania. Now that they have seen it, I'm happy to share it with everyone!